Display system and presentation software

This field deals with setting up the base system in regard to hardware and software. First of all, the interactive display system, which is the core of the Augmented Reality teaching platform, will be built in this task. It will be designed on the basis of a successful display system for museums and assembled from standard components with only slight modifications. The work package also encompasses necessary modifications of teaching material objects for use with the display. As the new display system is to be used in other situations and far more interactively than its predecessor, presentation software needs to be developed to meet the new demands. Fast, high quality presentation of virtual models will therefore also be developed. Furthermore the underlying eLearning software will be attached.

Interaction, authoring, and network interface

Within this area suitable interaction technology and techniques, an authoring tool for development of highly interactive lessons, and the network interface will be developed. This encompasses the framework for user-centred task modelling and support for display context variations. Suitable interaction devices will be constructed by assembling and modifying standard input devices. For modelling the interaction in the learning context a suitable toolkit will be developed. Above this toolkit the authoring tool that allows modelling of 3D-based lessons including the interaction part will be created. Furthermore the network interface will be integrated.


Content didactics, eContent, and knowledge management

Within this field the content and all surrounding aspects are developed. Starting from preparation and design of the lessons from a didactics point of view the lessons content will be prepared and created in electronic form. This also includes all aspects of 3D-modelling and visualization. Finally a definition of a suitable database interface and knowledge management for the electronic content will be developed.


Pedagogy and usability evaluation

This area deals with conceptual approaches to didactics, pedagogy as well as usability from a human computer interaction point of view. It also encompasses the development of necessary tools for the evaluation like questionnaires and concepts for video documentation. The new platform will be compared to didactics in standard eLearning platforms. Furthermore a repository of HCI usability guidelines for the AR-based educational system will be developed.

Requirement analysis and prototype engineering

The ARiSE system platform will be specified and built within this area. Exhaustive requirements analysis for the platform and its application will be performed. For efficiency reasons existing open software platforms be evaluated. This will lead to three iterative prototypes with increasing complexity.


Dissemination and exploitation

This division deals with dissemination of the research results and preparations for detailed exploitation of components and the whole platform. It covers participation in and contributions to international conferences, fairs, exhibitions, etc. for the dissemination of findings and results in the research community and on the market. A project workshop will be organized within this field.



Conference ICTNSE 2008

OCT. 1, 2008

As in the years before the consortium organizes a conference on ICT in Natural Science Education. (27.-30.11.2008)
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Summer School 2008

SEPT. 15, 2008

This year the ARiSE Summer School will be a distributed event. (23.-24.10.2008)
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Girls' Day 2008

APRIL 21, 2008

ARiSE organizes a workshop for the international open day for girls on 24.04.2008.
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Trade Fair Award for Spinnstube

APRIL 3, 2008

We received an award "Golden Schola Nova 2008" at the trade fair Schola Nova held in Prague, Czech Republic.
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FEB 11, 2008

Come and see us at the SCHOLA NOVA on 01.-03.04.2008 in Prague.
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Annual Review Meeting

JAN 09, 2008

The annual review meeting will take place at ICI on 22.02.2008.
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ARiSE Project Meeting

JAN 09, 2008

The next project meeting will take place at CTU Prague on 04.-05.02.2008.
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Conference ICTNSE 2007

NOV 20, 2007

ARiSE organizes an international scientific conference on ICT in Natural Science Education (Siauliai, Lithuania, Dec. 2007).
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2nd ARiSE Summer School in Bucharest

SEP 10, 2007

The second Summer School of the ARiSE project will take place in Bucharest from 24.-26.10.2007
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ARiSE at IPT - EGVE 2007

JUNE 12, 2007

The ARiSE full paper has been accepted at the IPT - EGVE 2007 Symposium.


ARiSE Setup

MAY 31, 2007

The Spinnstube devices have been installed in five European countries and are ready for the second scenario.


ARiSE Review Meeting

FEBRUARY 1, 2007

The annual ARiSE Review Meeting will take place from the 8th-9th March 2007 at Birlinghoven Castle at the Fraunhofer Campus at Sankt Augustin, Germany.



JANUARY 5, 2007

The LEARNTEC is an international conference and trade fair for education and information technology.


1st ARiSE Summer School


The 1st ARiSE Summer School will take place from the 8th to the 12th of November in Malta.


ARiSE at ISMAR 2006

AUGUST 25, 2006

A demonstration of ARiSE will be shown at the 5th IEEE and ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality.



APRIL 5, 2006

The AR-Setup-Meeting will take place from the 9th-10th May 2007 at CTU, Prague.